Bang Bus

Anthony decided to switch up the whole game plan on me when he told me that we had to go pick up Zukee so he could handle business on this mission...the fucker wanted to swindle some girl he had met at a club and do her on the bang bus!!! So we go meet Crissy and she turns out to be all on Anthony's shit from the it wasn't too hard to get these two to fuck....a nice pair of tits, fat ass, and sarcasm equal good times for all of us to enjoy!! Nice shoot.....I enjoyed i know you all will.....The Dirty One.... had gotten into some trouble with some wiseguys over some...nevermind......but anyways...I owed a favor to some guys over some I brought along my friend Anthony and his friend Paco along for a mission. They had dropped by my 'hood to pick up some stuff I didn't have, but I decided to make up for it by promising Paco some hot latin ass...puro you know. So we came across Tatiana, this fine ass puerto rican whore. She was more than willing to come along. This bitch showed her true colors as all of them do once they see those green little men, and I don't mean martians! So my man Paco ends up fucking the shit out of her...damn near making her spill her guts. Better her than me you know. Watch this puerto rican bitch with attitude get destroyed. The Dirty One...

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