Bang Bus

Yes even we at the infamous Bang Bus need to take a break every now and then. So we all hopped on a plane down to Latin America to chill out and sip down some cheap bizzzz with local toothless countryfolk. But we found that while you can take the pornographer out of the country, you can't take the dirty fucking rotten scoundral out of the pornographer... So the word got to us that some wannabe punks in New York were nibbling on our cocks by trying to copy the world famous Bang Bus. As soon as I heard that, I knew we had to go on a mission to let cocksuckers know who the original ones were....the BANG BROS! So we decided to take our friend JC with us and of course our mascot..Iman and went hunting for some Miami ass. After seeing a few candidates...we came across Lisa. This bitch looked like those nerdy types that will suck you off if you even glance at her for more than 5 seconds. To our surprise, this whore had attitude! Well, that's never a problem to the Dirty One. So after shooting the shit with this bitch, we get down to business and get her to expose her true colors, with the help of some cash. The power of cash never ceases to amaze me. This bitch sucks the cock like a fucking Hoover! But that's nothing compared to how she rides the dick. You can tell this whore hasn't had cock in ages. She even demands to have anal!! Eat your heart out biters..wait..

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