Bang Bus

had gotten into some trouble with some wiseguys over some...nevermind......but anyways...I owed a favor to some guys over some I brought along my friend Anthony and his friend Paco along for a mission. They had dropped by my 'hood to pick up some stuff I didn't have, but I decided to make up for it by promising Paco some hot latin ass...puro you know. So we came across Tatiana, this fine ass puerto rican whore. She was more than willing to come along. This bitch showed her true colors as all of them do once they see those green little men, and I don't mean martians! So my man Paco ends up fucking the shit out of her...damn near making her spill her guts. Better her than me you know. Watch this puerto rican bitch with attitude get destroyed. The Dirty One... Well look what we found Ugly and I are some of the most addicted motherfuckers there are about trailor park bitches we eat drink and sleep trailor trash. theres nothing like it they talk kinda funny usually do to the fact that education is of a low quality and also do to them usually missing teeth but when we found Shannon she came with a full set. and a rack of tits to boot and I have to say she wasn't to smart but really what tralior park girl is.. anyway, Ugs and I had brought a dude I met at a party now this guy was so wierd that not taking him with us would have been a crime his name was Rashied a guy white as snow thinking he was black muslum because of the way he was raised by his stepdad. Anyway When we picked up Shannon It appeared that she had heard of us from her friend Sandra who if you guys remembered got slammed by Ramone a few weeks earlier but apparently Sandra didnt have a really bad time because Shannon seemed ok with getting into the van with us who knows chicks are wierd. So Shannon seemed

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