Hog Tied

Hog Tied

Here Kitti Kitti Kitti. Young, flexible, and so cute. I found out early that pain was not her thing. I also found out that after she cums once in a scene, it is torturous for her to cum a second and third time. Her screams as her sensitive clit is attacked are priceless! I rip screaming orgasm after orgasm from her helpless body, until she pleads for mercy. Hog tied. Lola is a 24-year-old college graduate. Never been bound, never been gagged, never been flogged, never had her nipples tortured, and never been forced to cum, EVER! Her reactions are as real as they get. She is helpless and deals as best she can. She does love cock however.

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Hog tied Welcome new comer Cassie to Hogtied. Cassie and Dana are two beautiful harem girls trying to find their way out of the dark catacombs of the Mad Monk. The girls' orgasms shake the walls of the underground dungeon as their passion for bondage echo through out the caverns.

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