Hogtied By Heather Helpless Heroines

Hogtied By Heather Helpless Heroines

Mallory Knots is the complete and total package. Again, we created some of the best imagery we have to date. We used the cane, flogger, and heavy nipple weights. We bent her, suspended her and arched her. We made her cum and cum some more; in the end she begs for the vibrator to stop as she is impaled and cannot get off of it. If you have thought about joining, this IS what you have been waiting for. Hogtied by heather helpless heroines. At the end of Cabo part 1, Sgt. Major takes Jenni for “training.” Miles away from the villa and into hot Mexican heat. Jenni Lee is in for the “training” of her life. The Sgt. dresses her down military style and ties her up hogtied style. In the end she is begging to return to the villa with a new and improved “attitude.”

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Hogtied by heather helpless heroines Five bondage-loving friends rent a huge villa in Mexico for a weekend of fun, sun, and partying. During dinner they are unaware of a fiendish villain who is watching them. The friends party a little too hard and sleep heavy and late. During the early morning the villain walks in the front door. One at a time our heroines are bound, gagged and grouped together for the start of a wondrous vacation.

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