Hogtied Classic

Hogtied Classic

It started out a typical day at Hogtied. We started the interview and first scene and immediately something clicked in my brain. I decided to make this one of our famous “live events!” For those who don’t know, a “live event” is a shoot in which we do not stop the action and we keep “cuts” to an absolute minimum. It is a real time BDSM experience. Isis is the perfect candidate for this, as she is tough, beautiful, and sexy. Hogtied classic. These stocks were so bulky and tight that they made Ashley keep her knees nice and wide. She also enjoyed being precariously placed on a wooden block while in the cage - she dare not fight the fuckingmachine in case the dildo catches her leg and pushes her over!

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Hogtied classic This is part 2 of a many part fantasy epic we have produced on location for hogtied.

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Hogtied Classic Hogtied video updates hogtied shots hogtied promo movie It was a fantasy they bought and paid for, however they did not realize how real it would be.
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