Hogtied Com Account

Hogtied Com Account

The beer is gone and the house guest (Matt) is leaving, but not before one more day of bondage for our 5 heroines. Amazing multi-girl bondage and suspensions are in order for our helpless vacationers. From start to finish this story has generated more interest then any other shoot we have ever produced. If you have not seen it yet, you're missing the ultimate in continuing story, and continuity, as 5 girls are tied up simultaneously for the weekend. With the final installment you can now watch it from start to finish as it was intended. Hogtied com account. The days drag on and the roommates are still bound, helpless, and used as playthings by the hired fantasy firm. Never giving them a break, Matt goes from one to the other, tormenting them and forcing orgasms from them. Some girls are forced to fuck and pleasure their closest friends, helpless to do anything about it. It was a fantasy they bought and paid for, however they did not realize how real it would be. Jenya is brought back to the villa broken with most of her spirit gone. Soon all the girls are together again but only for a short time as Sgt. Major takes Darling for her special attitude adjustment..

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Hogtied com account Why does Maya keep coming back? She is 100% a lesbian so why does she let, want, and need Matt to control her? Why is she so damn cute? We answer those questions. Watch Maya take a machine fucking until the pleasure is too great, and she begs for it to stop. Watch Matt take full baseball swings with the flogger on her cute butt, and she giggles for more. Maya is excusive to our sites. Don’t miss this treasure!

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