Hogtied Erfahrungen

Hogtied Erfahrungen

I finally got DragonLily to Hogtied – one of the most exotic women I know. I also watched her beat up Jade Marx on Whippedass that morning. So, I got the idea that Jade might want a little revenge – I found her, bound her and gave her the opportunity to get back at DragonLily. Well, Jade is too nice! She doesn’t want to punish DragonLily. I finally figured out how to get Jade to hit DragonLily hard enough, but in the next scene DragonLily got a severe cramp in her leg during a tie and we had to cut the shoot short. We decided to include some BONUS behind the scenes material. Hogtied erfahrungen. Yet another bondage virgin, Sydnee Capri, had minimal experience. It’s always fascinating how they deal with their first hardcore bondage experience. Sydnee dealt with it by getting her pussy all wet, finding out she loves her ass flogged and experiencing her first forced orgasms.. Tough and flexible, she took what we gave her and asked for it harder. Next time she won’t be asking.

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Hogtied erfahrungen So what do nice girls dream of when they fall asleep? Star has dreams, naughty dreams. She dreams of her fantasies, her wants and desires. She yearns for excitement and sexual freedom. While awake she is a prisoner of expectations and a public image she must maintain for friends and family. In her dreams she is free, and her wildest fantasies come to life as the hunger is satisfied, until tomorrow night….

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