Hogtied Girl Tales

Hogtied Girl Tales

The Final Chapter for our fantasy story we have produced on location for hogtied. The conclusion to the highly successful story line, “Weekend Nightmare”. Hogtied girl tales. We have shot Maya three ways to Sunday. So what makes this shoot different? One non-stop, continuous scene. Nothing planned, even Maya didn't know this was our intention. This is a real BDSM scene done in real time, only with some slight editing of camera movement. We might do this kind of format from time to time depending on member feedback. This is as real as is gets. Before you ask, the phone calls were real, and Ben Gay really gets hot when you put it on a clit.

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Hogtied girl tales Maklaryn couldn't seem to get enough of the BDSM play first time round, so wanted to come back. With such breasts and a natural desire to be tied up, we couldn't refuse.

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