Hogtied Girl Tales

Hogtied Girl Tales

Rose gets some experiments with electricity. She must hold her hands up to avoid a sharp shock to the pussy. Later, she must stand on the tips of her toes to keep her arms parallel with the ground - if she falters, she gets similarly shocked. Credit must go to House of Gord for advice about mercury switches. Gord's is the undisputed king of new bondage devices and fucking machinery! His work is inspirational. Hogtied girl tales. Jenni Lee introduces 'The Train' (Ed's new masterpiece that pulls its rider back and forth onto a fixed dildo). Jenni confessed that she'd never taken a piece of meat quite the size of the mighty 'King Kong Dong' (I'm not making it up, that's its name). Later in the scene she has several fierce orgasms, confirming the mighty meat had been the piece for the job. (Its not what you do with it, its the size).

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Hogtied girl tales Jenya, 4 11, smooth, shaved, sexy, stacked, and helpless. This new face for Hogtied is a keeper. I put it to the first timer to test her toughness, and she passed with flying colors! This was her first forced orgasm and of course she's hooked now. You will see plenty more of sexy Jenya to come!

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