Hogtied Movis

Hogtied Movis

We present you with another new face here at Hogtied! Hollie is your typical California girl: tall, tan, blond, and beautiful. However, she has another redeeming quality--she is tough. She came to us with limited experience in bondage, and she learned that she loves it. She loves being helpless, she loves the flogger, and she loves the pain and pleasure. Hollie is the real deal, and she sure looks great in a tight Hogtie. Enjoy. Hogtied movis. Chanta gets some wrapped up and strung up in various ways. She says the part she enjoyed most was being fingered while suspended upside down wrapped in tape. Cowgirl is a long time Chanta-Admirer and could hardly wait to jump in on the action.

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Hogtied movis The Final Chapter for our fantasy story we have produced on location for hogtied. The conclusion to the highly successful story line, “Weekend Nightmare”.

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