Hogtied Samples Movies

Hogtied Samples Movies

Goldie, a lonely traveler late at night, is thirsty. Far from her home in England, she walks into Matts bar. Matt takes a little time getting to know our beautiful busty traveler before she finds herself helpless, and a bondage play toy for the rest of the night. In this fantasy piece, Goldie is tightly bound, fucked with machines, and forced to cum and cum again. Bartenders really do get all the women. Hogtied samples movies. Rose is back for some more machine bondage. She is tied to the stocks in various ways and fucked with some novel devices. At one point she is made to sit on a pussy-torturing triangular block of wood. An electric probe deep inside her causes her body to shake uncontrollably. You can find more of Rose on this site

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Hogtied samples movies Hogtied favorite Kat is back to try new toys and positions. She is the first to try the Electric Chair. Her ass is pleasantly shocked while the fucksall and magic wand slowly bring her to climax. She is also made to endure a steel tie while perched on a wooden horse, she gracefully accepts a leather hogtie suspension and to round things off, is given a final ass-shocking while tied in a squatting position on Mehandren's punishment block.

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