Hogtied Trans

Hogtied Trans

The highly acclaimed Web series is back! CABO the return, Part 5. Cabo part 5 picks up where part 3 left off, the villa. Hogtied trans. Lena Ramon has taken an advanced bondage and variants in human sexuality class. After volunteering for a quick demonstration, her fantasies become very real. Lena’s reaction to the bondage is one of sexual excitement as the ropes trigger a strong sexual response. She finds herself wanting and needing sexual stimuli. Matt teases and sexually teases our bound student. Join our class as Matt teaches us ties, how to read, and how to react to our captive’s needs and limits. A little something here for everyone

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Hogtied trans Babydoll is without doubt the most orgasmic person I have ever met. She came several times while being singletailed, several more times while having her tits and ass caned, and several more times again when being drilldoed. I couldn't help feeling somewhat jealous of her gift. Personally, I have to work pretty hard to achieve the same goal (once).

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