Hogtied Trans

Hogtied Trans

Lena Ramon has taken an advanced bondage and variants in human sexuality class. After volunteering for a quick demonstration, her fantasies become very real. Lena’s reaction to the bondage is one of sexual excitement as the ropes trigger a strong sexual response. She finds herself wanting and needing sexual stimuli. Matt teases and sexually teases our bound student. Join our class as Matt teaches us ties, how to read, and how to react to our captive’s needs and limits. A little something here for everyone Hogtied trans. Mallory Knots is the complete and total package. Again, we created some of the best imagery we have to date. We used the cane, flogger, and heavy nipple weights. We bent her, suspended her and arched her. We made her cum and cum some more; in the end she begs for the vibrator to stop as she is impaled and cannot get off of it. If you have thought about joining, this IS what you have been waiting for.

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Hogtied trans What did we do to Sasha Sparks his time? We fucked her. We fucked her with one finger, two fingers, three fingers, four fingers, big dildos, even bigger dildos, and machines. She came and came, then came some more, She begged for it to stop, and in the end could barely walk off the set. Oh yea, and it was fun shaving off her pussy hair to boot. The smile on her face afterwards.....HUGE!

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