Exclusive with video

Exclusive with video

What the members have to say:

"All I can say is after checking out a couple of shoots I can honestly say that this may be the best material I've ever seen. Your attention to full mouth on mouth kissing is incredible and second to none. Great work."

"It's an extra bonus that your commentary on some of these series allows me to enhance my vocabulary."

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Original with video

Original with video

Sapphic Erotica Darlene. Niki, Tera, Marsha Photo Series. Jenna and her dark-haired friend Bella start to have a snack in Bella's kitchen, but they end up eating each other instead. The fingering in this series is especially good.

Sapphic Erotica Roxanne Juliet And Angelique. Kate, Phoebe Photo Series. Micah (blonde) and Ariel have really intense strapon sex. Unfortunately, they don't do much of anything else, but they are both really good at wielding their strapons. There is some nice missionary strapon too.

Sapphic Erotica Kimberly Nika. Veronica, Diana P Photo Series. Sandy (blonde) and Vera make love on a bed using their fingers and tongues and then Vera fucks Sandy with a strapon. Sandy comes really really close to licking Veras ass hole (it looks like she was doing it but the photographer missed the actual contact shot by a few millimeters).

Sapphic Erotica Thumbnails. Jaculia, Ashleigh Photo Series. Kari (blonde) and Melissa make love in the kitchen. They kiss passionately and then Kari finger fucks Melissa and eats her pussy and pulls Melissa's hood using her teeth and sucks her clitoris. Then Melissa finger fucks and licks Kari. We called Kari "Kira" by mistake in the series of her with Sandy.

Sapphic Erotica Movie Keiko. Teresa, Julie Photo Series. Andrea (pink shirt) and Rene are waiting for dinner to cook and decide to have sex first. They kiss and undress each other and go down on each other and Andrea fingers Rene. Then they use vibrators.

Sapphic Erotica Nicole Keiko. Aneta, Anisa Photo Series. There are two videos, actually, each broken into 5 to 7 minutes clips, for a total time of about 33 minutes.

Sapphic Erotica Full Movie Downloads. Rene, Lucie Photo Series. Anne approaches Ching as she lies on the sofa. They fondle each other and Ching plays with Anne's pussy lips. Then Anne puts on a green strapon and fucks Ching, both doggie style and cowgirl.

Sapphic Erotica Aubrie Chloe. Kyla, Shyla Photo Series. Amanda (on the right) and Sabrina are having ice cream together in the kitchen and one thing leads to another. They take turns finger fucking each other and licking each others' pussies (starting at frame #50).

Sapphic Erotica Bridget And Darlene Video. Li, Lani Photo Series. Bella (blonde) and Suzy have sex by and in the pool using their fingers, tongues and some toys. They do some passionate kissing, and Bella uses a purple toy in Suzy's ass.

Sapphic Erotic Samples. Claire B, Stella C Photo Series. Jocelyn and Olvia have hot sex in the bathtub. They finger and lick each others' pussies, and they do a little trib at the end. They didn't make a video this time, unfortunately.

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