Exclusive with video

Exclusive with video

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Original with video

Original with video

Sapphic Erotica Vid. Philippa, Sandy Photo Series. I did this shoot a while back, and it was full of problems. First, Kylie (the smaller girl) went out and got a fake tan the day of the shoot. She looked terrible in the pictures (flash makes her look even oranger than she was). I'm discarding the pictures because of this. Second, the girls were totally baked when I got there. Third, Pixie used the money I paid her for the previous shoot to get more tattoos. Fourth, we shot it at Kylie's apartment, and her roomate's friends kept showing up and knocking on the door (but mostly during the pictures, the video was interrupted only once, I think). I kept having to go explain to them what I was doing, otherwise they'd keep knocking. Fifth, I tried to light it with more indirect lighting. This totally didn't work for the pictures, but the video is mostly ok. Sixth, Kylie just didn't get the hair thing. I think girls look better with their hair down, so I don't take the easy way out of having them put it up. It is ok if they mind their hair, (like Pixie is good at), but Kylie just didn't get it. The girls really wanted to use the toy. They like using it together, so at risk of offending the purists here, I let them do it. One thing most lesbian fans don't realize is that many girls like using electric toys together because they can have more orgasms that way.

Sapphic Angelique Julie And Simone. Erika, Kandi Photo Series. Jasmin and Alisha have strapon sex in their suburban backyard. It starts with a quick french kiss, and then Jasmin puts on a black strapon, and Alisha sucks it. Then Jasmin fucks Alisha. They do it reverse cowgirl and then doggie style. There's lots of good closeups, and Alisha looks like she's really enjoying it.

Sapphic Erotica Blue. Lexie, Kristin Photo Series. The house we rented had a pool. There was a narrow window of time in the afternoon during which it was suitable to shoot by or in the pool. I managed to get a couple of videos and photo sets done by the pool, but in this case it took too long to get started and I had to retreat indoors before shooting the video. I made another photo set indoors and then the video of these four girls. The indoor photo set is coming tomorrow and then the video the next day (Friday).

Sapphic Erotica Movie Downloads. Angela, Leah Photo Series. Amie, Trisha, and Brucie have a 3-way lesbian orgy in their fishnet outfits.

Sapphic Erotica Valerie Romana Couch. Sonya, Skyeler Photo Series. Jess (orange shirt) and her other friend Allison go all the way with each other. Allison does a nice drool on Jess's pussy too.

Sapphic Erotica Lucie Pretty Girls Doing Right. Romana, Valerie Photo Series. Nice mouth-kissing and feeling each other. Very tender.

Sapphic Erotica Bridget And Darlene Videos. Lola, Carla Photo Series. Daria drops in on Marissa for some late-night sex. They kiss and undress each other and Daria eats Marissa and then they use a toy on each other.

Sapphic Erotica Angelique Julie And Simone Video. Micah, Ariel Photo Series. The photographer's idea was to show Melissa (red stockings) and Celeste in a glamour shoot and for them to go all the way instead of just fooling around like models usually do in two-girl glamour shoots. I don't normally have stockings and heels, but they seem appropriate to me for this shoot.

Sapphic Erotica Sample Videos Bridget Darlene. Seanna, Skyler Photo Series. Andrea (pink shirt) and Rene are waiting for dinner to cook and decide to have sex first. They kiss and undress each other and Andrea goes down on Rene. Then they masturbate each other and then use vibrators on each other.

Sapphic Erotica Movie Kimberly And Nicole. Zoey, Claire P Photo Series. Kelly and Sarah (blonde) share some wine by the pool and then kiss passionately and have sex using their fingers and tongues on the side of it and in the water. They use toys a little at the end too.

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