Exclusive with video

Exclusive with video

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"Hello: I bought a membership in SapphicErotica because it is so much superior to the sleazy, gross porno sites which I find totally insulting and stupid. I wondered why someone didn't start a website with videos of beautiful girls making love together---without any dumb rock and roll music soundtracks and without fake acting, just the real thing. Well you have done it, and virtually all your women are young, beautiful, and hot. You definitely know how to pick 'em! I don't know why it's such a turn-on to see girls together, it just is if you love beautiful women which most heterosexual men do. Eroticism is a whole different thing from pure animal porno, in my opinion...much more interesting, clean and classy. So keep up the good work, I'm sure that your site is very successful and will get lots more customers. I haven't seen another like it."

"It's an extra bonus that your commentary on some of these series allows me to enhance my vocabulary."

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Original with video

Original with video

Sapphic Erotica Rene And Andrea Avi. Daniella M, Sylvia Photo Series. Glenda has a sore back, and Andrea (braces) gives her a massage using the big electric massager. They start making love using their fingers and tongues, and then they use the massager and another one on each other too.

Sapphic Erotica Lux Advril. Charlie, Haley, Monique L Photo Series. Aubrie (white panties) and Arielle invite Chloe to join in their fun. They have sex using their fingers and tongues and kiss passionately.

Sapphic Erotica Movies Download. Dianne, Janine Photo Series. Linda (darker hair) and Linnea try on cheerleader outfits and play with their pom-poms and start making out and having sex using their fingers, tongues, and vibrators. I'm about to give up on European girls being cheerleaders (there's one more coming up and that will be it). It never looks right. I'd like to shoot my own cheerleaders scene with American girls someday, though.

Sapphic Erotica Member. Anna, Elizabeth Photo Series. Sonya and Zoe (dark hair) like to fuck each other in real life. They are into fetishy stuff, and they got really bummed when I told them to put the nipple clamps away. I kind of regret not letting them do more of their own thing. First, Sonya goes down on Zoe, then they kiss really passionately. Then Zoe finger fucks Sonya and eats her pussy. Then Sonya sits on Zoe's face. Then Zoe sits on Sonya's face, and then they do 69. Then Zoe finger fucks Sonya again, using three fingers this time, and Sonya uses a toy on Zoe while they kiss passionately some more. The toy has a really unusual attachment, which looks kind of like a star, and in the video, Zoe inserts it along with some of her fingers all the way into Sonya's pussy while she eats her out. I've been getting requests for more clothes-on sex. I shot this one that way, and then I realized I had overdone it. They take their clothes off in the video.

Sapphic Erotica Romana And Valerie. Romy-Lilly, Gabriella Photo Series. Lucie and Rene are using the wireless computer in bed and easily become distracted.

Sapphic Erotica Pretty Girls Doing It Right Lucie. Sophie, Electra, Sandra, Brooke, Aimee Photo Series. Linda (yellow top) is getting help with her homework from Linnea. They decide they are more interested in each other than the math, and they have sex on the desk using their fingers, tongues, and vibrators.

Sapphic Erotic Samples Michelle. Isabella, Sylvie Photo Series. I started this one in the playground near the house in Portugal. When Rene (smaller girl) got on the swing, she started swinging and squealing and went so high I thought she'd go over the top. We finished it indoors. I had the girls use a "strapless strapon" type toy, which worked okay for the pictures, but Rene said she didn't like it and that it was hard to keep it inside her. So in the video they do a trib instead. The video was interrupted by an emergency on the set, but I think it still turned out well.

Sapphic Erotica Free Sample Movies. Lucie, Heidi K Photo Series. This is the video they made after the pictures. Monika uses the dagger dildo on Martina, but they didn't try to share it but progressed straight to the black double dildo.

Sapphic Erotica Free Pass. Kimberly, Pixie Photo Series. Zoey (blonde) and Claire get out of their schoolgirl uniforms and then Zoey masturbates Clair with her fingers and then inserts a vibrator into her pussy. Then Claire inserts a vibrator into Zoey and plays with her clit.

Sapphic Erotica Com Sample. Sally, Daria Photo Series. We sent Eva and Erica some really small, pretty toys. After some really good kissing and some preliminary sex, Erica uses a tiny bullet on Eva's clit and in her pussy and eats her out. Then Eva uses a little dolphin-shaped vibrator on Erica. We forgot to tell them that the dolphin is not meant to be inserted, and Eva inserted it in Erica's pussy and in her ass too. Fortunately, nothing bad happened.

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