Exclusive with video

Exclusive with video

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Original with video

Original with video

Sapphic Erotica Kimberly Video. Susana, Phoebe Photo Series. This is the video. I was thinking that maybe my videos and clips were too long for the web, so this one is shorter with shorter clips. I think a 20 minute video with 4 minute clips is probably better. Advril complained that the big purple dildo was making her pussy sore, so they used the smaller red one in the video.

Sapphic Clips Angelique. Rosa, Isabella E Photo Series. This is the video we made after the outdoor pictures. We shot it inside because of the noisy machine nearby, and also because the clouds rolled in and it got colder and darker. Sandra anilingated Brooke again in the video.

Sapphic Erotica Jana And Romana Samples Videos. Melissa, Kari Photo Series. Jane and her blonde friend Alice make out while they undress, then Jane eats Alice's pussy. Then Alice tit-fucks Jane's clit and licks her pussy. Then Jane eats Alice again and puts both of her index fingers part-way into Alice's pussy. Then Alice eats Jane again, and she produces a large quantity of saliva. You can see it going from the tip of Alice's tongue to Jane's clit and running down her labia.

Sapphic Erotica Juliet Romeo. Diana O, Rene Photo Series. This is the last of the series/videos of these girls from this studio. The girls kiss and finger and eat each other out and use toys.

Sapphic Erotica And Rene. Sandy, Vera Photo Series. Kimberly and Nicole are licking lolipops and playing dominos and one thing leads to another. They insert the dominos in each others' pussies and then Nicole fingers Kimberly and kisses her and then Nicole goes down on Kimberly while fingering her and then Kimberly goes down on Nicole and then Kimberly sits on Nicole's face. Then they kiss passionately some more. The last three shots are candids. After I took the pictures, I went to go get the video gear, and I heard them talking in the other room. I peeked in and took some more pictures of them lying next to each other. A funny thing happend while we were shooting the pictures. When Kimberly went to sit on Nicole's face, Nicole burst into song with "Sit on my face! And tell me that you love me...", and she sang a couple of verses. I was dumbfounded that a 19 year old model would know that Monty Python song. I used the rug that doesn't compress well again, so the files are kind of big. I bought another one with a simpler pattern, but I didn't like the way it looked in the test shots.

Sapphic Erotica Kim Videos. Brucie, Dianne Photo Series. Simone, Jewel and Angelique did this shoot a while back in my shirts.

Sapphic Erotica Archive Free Pics Link Htm. Kelly, Sarah Photo Series. Veronica (on the left) and Monique have sex on a couch. They lick each others' pussies and Monique uses a vibrator on Veronica.

Sapphic Erotica Laila And Anna Video. Alice, Susana Photo Series. Sydney (on the left) has a new friend, Lisa. They please each other orally and then take turns fucking each other with a strapon.

Sapphic Ann. Carmen, Christina Photo Series. Eva (on the left) and her friend Erica kiss passionately as only girls who are truely turned on by each other can while they undress each other slowly and then lick each others' pussies and finger fuck each other. They like to use two fingers.

Sapphic Erotica Strapons. Jasmine, Ramona Photo Series. Dawnee and Jeannie (taller girl) are exchanging Christmas presents and one thing leads to another. They made a video but I did not get it in time to edit it before Christmas. It will be up after the holidays.

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