Exclusive with video

Exclusive with video

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"You have some great strap-on, in fact the best I've seen. Also really good 69s. Most of your videos are quite good and real. They girls look like they're into it, not just perfunctory acting. You beat 99% of the other commercial lesbian sites hands down, and you're very user friendly."

"The girls you show all seem to be enjoying themselves very much. Once again really enjoy them all."

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Original with video

Original with video

Sapphic Erotic Kisses. Vicky V, Gina C Photo Series. Julie and Lara (dark hair) take turns eating each other out and fucking each other with a strapon.

Sapphic Erotica Clips Free. Jessica P, Kelly Photo Series. Kari is practicing the piano, but Sandy can't leave her alone. Sandy comes over and fondles Kari's breast and kisses her, then she removes her jeans and eats her pussy and finger fucks her. Then Sandy teases Kira's clit with her tongue until it is highly excited and swollen, then she bears down on it hard. There is a great shot in frame #71 of the tip of Sandy's tongue going right down the barrel of Kira's hood. Then Sandy finger fucks Kira again. Then Kira eats Sandy's pussy. There is an awesome sequence starting at frame #85 of Kira pulling Sandy's labium with her lips. Then Kira finger fucks Sandy, and then they kiss some more.

Sapphic Erotic. Kimberly J, Joanne Photo Series. They kiss, do frottage, lick each others' clits, and insert vibrators into each other

Sapphic Erotica Or Sapphicerotica. Julia, Nadia Photo Series. Anna got lots of fan mail, so I brought her back to be with 19 year old cutie Nicole Scott. The premise is they are making an ice cream sundae with strawberrys and Anna comes onto Nicole. They kiss passionately and Anna plays with Nicole's pussy. Then Anna goes down on Nicole, and then Nicole eats Anna's pussy and fingers her, and then Anna eats Nicole again and fingers her, and then they kiss passionately some more. The ice cream all melted while we were shooting the pictures, so for the video they just used the strawberrys and whipped cream and chocolate syrup. In the video, after taking turns eating each other out, they get messy with the food and do a good tribadism on the floor with the whipped cream and chocolate syrup on them.

Sapphic Darlene Angelique. Sam, Stella P Photo Series. Dianne (dark hair), Brucie, and Janine have an orgy on the bed.

Sapphic Erotica Video Gallery. Katerina, Andrea Photo Series. Monika and Martina (red hair) wrestle a little and then kiss passionately and remove each others' white bras and panties. Then they eat each other out and finger fuck each other and do 69. Then Martina puts on a black strapon and fucks Monika using several positions. Finally, Monika uses a red toy on Martina.

Sapphic Erotica Valerie And Romana Videos. Susana, Alice, Claire Photo Series. The girls got too hot (literally) and needed a break. Then they started making love again, this time wearing only our shirts (too hot to put clothes on). After some really good kissing, Eva sits on Erica's face, and then they do a lovely 69 that lasts for half of the set. Then Eva eats out Erica and finger fucks her.

Sapphic Erotic Vibrators Sex. Sophie T, Samantha B Photo Series. Kelly (purple dress) and Sarah share some wine and then have sex in front of the fireplace. They kiss passionately and lick and finger each others' pussies and do 69. I called Sarah "Christina" in the outdoor series of her and Jamie. She prefers to be known as Sarah.

Sapphic And Teen Server. Valerie, Romana Photo Series. I wouldn't have approved a cheerleader scene with Margaux with hairy underarms (I did request Margaux to grow her underarm hair because I sometimes like to see this on girls), but the photographer didn't know the costumes wouldn't make sense and thought he was doing me a favor by doing it. It is still a great scene, if you can ignore how silly the costumes look. The girls really get into it especially well.

Sapphic Erotic Clips Samples. Veronica, Janne Photo Series. Wouldn't you like to have been the lifeguard?

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