Exclusive with video

Exclusive with video

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"You have a surprisingly good take on what women are looking for in general. Other companies that produce similar items typically ignore romance and intimacy but you have managed to capture all of it and your site doesn't "feel" like a regular porn site but rather one that makes you want what these ladies have -- a relationship that's not just about sex. For a guy, you've done a fantastic job. I'm new at all of this and have just recently begun to explore my options so I don't have a lot to compare but your site has made me want to continue down this path."

"That new Advril and Lux series isn't just highly erotic it was tastefully shot. I'm not into silly fingernails or lingere so for me this shoot and much of your original material has a good erotic appeal."

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Original with video

Original with video

Sapphic Anna Nicole. Pixie, Kimberly Photo Series. The quality of some of the images on the first three pages is not all that good, but it is quite good for the rest of the images. The cheerleader outfits are a bit campy, but the kissing is really good. When they get out of the costumes, the lesbian sex is really intense. Both girls anilingate each other, and Pam (on the right) puts a finger part-way in Vicky's ass hole (see the last two pages). Vicky pulls Pam's labia with her mouth.

Sapphic Erotica Darlene Ass. Ariel, Micah Photo Series. Kristin (pink shirt) is trying to excercise but Lexie won't leave her alone. They have sex on the floor of the gymnasium using their fingers, tongues and, in the end, some toys.

Sapphic Errotica Movie. Katrina, Alice Photo Series. This is the video that sort of goes with the pictures. It looks like they use a strapon in it instead of the double dildo. The cunnilingus in the video is great. Sandy does anilingus in part one.

Sapphic Erotica Video Downloads. Jo Lee, Amber Photo Series. Jess (orange shirt) and her other friend Allison go all the way with each other. Allison does a nice drool on Jess's pussy too.

Sapphic Erotica Xxx Passwords. Suzy, Sandy Photo Series. Destany (dyed red hair) and Sharon check out each others' clothes and then Sharon strips Destany and licks her nipples. Then Sharon fingers and licks Destany's pussy from behind, and then they take turn licking each others' pussies and using a toy on each other.

Sapphic Erotica Bridget Lesbian. Nina, Valerie Photo Series. This is the first set of the Samantha and Melissa pictures that were requested. We think they're good enough and will be getting the other two sets. One thing we like about this set are the closeups of saliva going from one girl's pussy to the other's tongue and between their tongues.

Sapphic Erotic Kimberly And Pixie. Marina, Ivy Photo Series. Sal from and I went to Europe to shoot together. We got Peaches and her blonde friend Luka to come to the house where we were staying. When I got ready to shoot, I realized that it was better to do the video first because the light was perfect for augmenting the lights with the sunlight coming through the window to the patio. They did an almost perfect scene. They have great chemistry and their passion shows through. They finger and lick each others' pussies and Peaches licks and fingers Luka's ass and Luka licks Peaches' ass too. They did a trib at the end and I was able to get right above them. I think this is the best trib I've shot so far. The pictures will be online later today. I apologize for getting behind with the updates. We decided to stay a few extra days to have a chance to look around and I didn't think about the fact that I did not have enough updates ready to carry me through the extension to the trip. I'll be caught up by Friday, though.

Sapphic Erotica Valerie Nika Susana Mpeg. Angelique, Simone Photo Series. Amie (blonde) is giving Astrid a makeover and one thing leads to another. They take turns going down on each other and do 69 and also trib and maturbate each other using their toes. They also suck on each others' toes at the same time. The 69 in the video (coming tomorrow) is really good.

Sapphic Erotica Bridget Video. Jana P, Jana D Photo Series. They have a 4-way lesbian orgy. We're pretty sure that everybody eats everybody else's pussy. They finger fuck each other and do some kissing too.

Sapphic Erotic Models. Nicole, Alissa, Keiko Photo Series. Eva (long blonde hair) is finally back after a long haitus from modeling. I got this set of her with Dara and Marti. I hope to get more of her including video soon.

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