Exclusive with video

Exclusive with video

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"You have a surprisingly good take on what women are looking for in general. Other companies that produce similar items typically ignore romance and intimacy but you have managed to capture all of it and your site doesn't "feel" like a regular porn site but rather one that makes you want what these ladies have -- a relationship that's not just about sex. For a guy, you've done a fantastic job. I'm new at all of this and have just recently begun to explore my options so I don't have a lot to compare but your site has made me want to continue down this path."

"Thanks for having a terrific site. I am especially transfixed by the wonderful series with Anna and Laila. Anna is just about the most erotic, commanding, and beautiful woman I have ever seen. There is a real energy to the shots of the two of them, and energy that almost breaks through my screen! Please, more shots of Anna. Again, you have a classy and worthwhile site. I am glad to have purchased a membership and look forward to many more pictorials and videos. "

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Original with video

Original with video

Sapphic Erotica Aubrie Arielle. Sharon, Rene, Jackie, Linda, Linnea Photo Series. Monica and Jaycinda (red hair) play naughty student and principal. The student is caught smoking, and gets a stern tongue-lashing from the principal. Then the student eats the principal's pussy, and then they use toys, and then the principal eats the student again. Then they share a double dildo. These pictures did not compress very well, so the files are kind of big.

Saphicerotica Free Sample Mpeg. Aubrie, Arielle Photo Series. Margaux (dark hair) and Pauline are lounging on a bed and playing with a lacie thing and then start making out and sucking each others' nipples and fingering and licking each others's pussies and do 69. In the video, they do trip as well (the kissing is better in the video too).

Sapphic Erotica Movies Kimberly. Dawnee, Brucie Photo Series. Heidi and Lucie are having coffee in their cute dresses when one thing leads to another. They kiss and undress each other and go down on each other and use toys too. Heidi goes pee at the end. The photographer's wife shot this one, and you can hear her encouraging Heidi to pee.

Sapphic Angelique Juliet Roxanne Download. Andrea, Belinda K Photo Series. Aimee (blonde) and Marsha wrestle a little on the bed and then start kissing and undressing each other. Aimiee sits on Marsha's face, and then they do 69. Then they have a short trib and kiss some more.

Sapphic Download. Jewel, Julie, Darlene Photo Series. Simone, Jewel, and Angelique have a 3-way orgy on the couch. I got this a while back when Angelique was still modeling.

Sapphic Erotica Post. Lynne, Tammy Photo Series. Wouldn't you like to have been the lifeguard?

Sapphic Erotica And Video. Cindy, Charlene Photo Series. Andrea (blonde) and Maria have a pillow fight and then kiss and have sex using their fingers, tongues. They also do 69 and use the cute vibrators while doing it.

Sapphic Erotica Kisses. Kim, Devlyn Photo Series. Aubrie (white panties) and Arielle invite Chloe to join in their fun. They have sex using their fingers and tongues and kiss passionately.

Sapphic Erotica Clips Sweetlesbiankiss. Melissa, Kari Photo Series. Madison (small boobs) and Graziella (big boobs) share a bubble bath and start making out and playing with each other. Then they go into the bedroom and put lotion on each other and then Madison goes down on Graziella and uses Graziella's favorite egg vibrator on her. Then Graziella goes down on Madison and uses the toy on her and Madison sits on Graziella's face. Then they do a trib with the egg between them and finally do some more passionate kissing. The girls really wanted to use the toy because they said it helps them have really good orgasms. Graziella almost kicked me in the head when she had hers. I stood clear for Madison's, which is spectacular.

Sapphic Erotica Darlene Bridget. Stella C, Candice Photo Series. Amie, Trisha, and Brucie have a 3-way lesbian orgy in their fishnet outfits.

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