Maklaryn couldn't seem to get enough of the BDSM play first time round, so wanted to come back. With such breasts and a natural desire to be tied up, we couldn't refuse. Waterbondage. Unfortunately, we decided not to pursue BondageTrials as a new site. We were worried about models trying too hard to win their trial, and not using their safe word as a result. We are presenting our initial shoots here on hogtied as BONUS (EXTRA) updates. Jenni Lee and Mallory battle it out. Bondage, and ideas by Peter.

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Waterbondage Welcome new comer Cassie to Hogtied. Cassie and Dana are two beautiful harem girls trying to find their way out of the dark catacombs of the Mad Monk. The girls' orgasms shake the walls of the underground dungeon as their passion for bondage echo through out the caverns.

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