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Free Waterbondage

This BONUS weekend update is part 4 of a tutorial series that we have done for the membership. This forth addition is a rope tutorial while using a chair as a tool. Enjoy the EXTRA update! Free waterbondage. Another shoot done in our real time format with no cuts. This is as live as it gets with out being “live”. A real session with a feisty DOM as the sub. Mika was getting ready for a Men in Pain shoot as a DOM one morning. We told her Men in Pain was delayed and we had to shoot Hogtied now!. Confused and not too happy, she stumbled onto the set and she was taken. It wasn’t happening as she planned, but it was happening as she agreed. Also, we have included some of Mika past performances to set the mood for this shoot.

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Free waterbondage Jenya, 4’ 11, smooth, shaved, sexy, stacked, and helpless. This new face for Hogtied is a keeper. I put it to the first timer to test her toughness, and she passed with flying colors! This was her first forced orgasm and of course she's hooked now. You will see plenty more of sexy Jenya to come!

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