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Promo Waterbondage Com

I had to take a cold shower after doing the final edit of this movie! Normally I cut out anything boring. In this case, there wasnt much to cut out, and this movie is 45 minutes of intense and sexy interaction. Chanta skillfully restrains Carly and gives her a delighful mix of pleasure and pain, which includes many hard orgasms for Carly. Promo waterbondage com. Isabella Soprano is beauty personified! Donít you love it when beauty meets Hogtied? Isabella is as tough as she is pretty, a rare combination. Hogtied once again delivers a new face and a stunning attractive girl. She took the foot canning, and tickling like a champ. She wants to come back for another shoot, and I agree, do you?

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Promo waterbondage com Sinnamon Love has a curse. She cums too fast. The bondage adds to the effect; she tries desperately not to cum, as she knows once she does, her body cannot take the added stimulation. After I force the first orgasm out of her, the vibrator and dildos become torture devices. In the end she canít continue the shoot unless I promise not to use the vibrator, so I fuck her with a huge dildo for the last hard orgasm. Torturing a girl with sex is the best torture!

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