Waterbondage Galleries

Waterbondage Galleries

How beautiful is Isis? Wicked hot! Another new face, and hardcore bondage virgin. Isis is tough and sexy, and took everything we tossed at her. We forced her to cum over and over and over. Warning: watch the extended orgasm torture at your own risk. Isis is back again in December-eager to go to the next level! Waterbondage galleries. So what do nice girls dream of when they fall asleep? Star has dreams, naughty dreams. She dreams of her fantasies, her wants and desires. She yearns for excitement and sexual freedom. While awake she is a prisoner of expectations and a public image she must maintain for friends and family. In her dreams she is free, and her wildest fantasies come to life as the hunger is satisfied, until tomorrow night….

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Waterbondage galleries This update was inspired by the fabulous works of Georges Pichard, 'Marie Gabrielle' and 'Madoline'. Pierced Angel has more Piercings in her pussy than I have ever seen. This made for some interesting BDSM play. First she was tied with her toes to her labia such that she has to flex her thighs to maintain the position. Later she is tied upright with her clit to the dungeon floor, so that she must stand awkwardly. She is given a large orgasm and she squirts her pleasure for all to see. After several more endurance ties where her pussy is padlocked and chained to contort her, she is rewarded with a more comfortable tie and given another orgasm.

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