Waterbondage Gallery

Waterbondage Gallery

The rest of the girls are taken one by one by Matt out of the living room and into the heat of the Mexican day, to continue their paid fantasy. (See part 1). Darling is cruelly tied in the orchard, Jenya staked out and oiled, and Donna in the tree garden. Jenni Lee is still in the jungle (see part 2), and is brought back, broken by Sgt. Major. Soon all girls are back in Matt’s hands, and Jenya is the next to go to the jungle. Waterbondage gallery. Babydoll is without doubt the most orgasmic person I have ever met. She came several times while being singletailed, several more times while having her tits and ass caned, and several more times again when being drilldoed. I couldn't help feeling somewhat jealous of her gift. Personally, I have to work pretty hard to achieve the same goal (once).

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Waterbondage gallery Katja goes back to the basics. Bound in several positions, we gag her, we cane her, we force out a few orgasms. She gets some neck play, and is tied in an old fashion chair tie, ankle tied to her pussy rope! A cruel double bind, but she deals and still has energy for a great orgasm at the end. Beautiful girl, inescapable bondage, back to basics.

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