Waterbondage Gallery

Waterbondage Gallery

Why does Maya keep coming back? She is 100% a lesbian so why does she let, want, and need Matt to control her? Why is she so damn cute? We answer those questions. Watch Maya take a machine fucking until the pleasure is too great, and she begs for it to stop. Watch Matt take full baseball swings with the flogger on her cute butt, and she giggles for more. Maya is excusive to our sites. Donít miss this treasure! Waterbondage gallery. For the first half of the shoot we concentrated on corporal punishment. As the shoot progressed, it became clear that it was the bondage element of BDSM that Sierra most likes. She likes to prove herself by accepting and enduring very tight and contorting bondage that she knows very few people can handle. In the last hogtie position we did, she was tied so tightly that the bondage became a form of breath play for her. I felt afterwards that the shoot would have been more rewarding to both of us if we had concentrated more on contorting bondage positions. Four hours is sometimes not enough time to explore someoneís BDSM tastes.

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Waterbondage gallery Lena Remon gets tied in the bright sunlight for some poolside bondage play. First, sun lotion is massaged into her wonderful body, then she is whipped and given orgasms in several positions. For a break, she is left tied to a floating bed for a while. To round off the afternoon, she is fucked by the intruder on the wooden deck, and then hung up to dry in a suspension.

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