Waterbondage Jade

Waterbondage Jade

Morgan, how cute can someone really get? This sexy blond soon realized she was in a little over her head. She was tough, and we pushed her limits. The orgasms were the only thing that kept her going. Hogtied is not for everybody and Morgan toughed it out beautifully! Waterbondage jade. This update is dedicated to the comic genuis Benny Hill. (Benny Hill fans will see why.) Cowgirl is strapped to a human powered fucking machine. She must pedal to avoid being whipped. Meanwhile Rose gets fucked as Cowgirl pedals. After a powerful orgasm, Rose is released from the Fuckcycle and strapped to a rack. She is whipped, and given electro-torture in two long sessions. She describes one orgasm as 'going further than any normal orgasm'. Lastly Rose is given a rewarding comfortable suspension.

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Waterbondage jade This update was inspired by the fabulous works of Georges Pichard, 'Marie Gabrielle' and 'Madoline'. Pierced Angel has more Piercings in her pussy than I have ever seen. This made for some interesting BDSM play. First she was tied with her toes to her labia such that she has to flex her thighs to maintain the position. Later she is tied upright with her clit to the dungeon floor, so that she must stand awkwardly. She is given a large orgasm and she squirts her pleasure for all to see. After several more endurance ties where her pussy is padlocked and chained to contort her, she is rewarded with a more comfortable tie and given another orgasm.

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