Waterbondage Jade

Waterbondage Jade

This is part 2 of a many part fantasy epic we have produced on location for hogtied. Waterbondage jade. Jackie oozes sex. It radiates off her. She loves giving head, she loves cock, and she loves getting her assed smacked. So what does this update have? Good bondage, nice flogging, great orgasms, a machine that double penetrates her, and I fuck her ass good with 3 different dildos each bigger then the last all while she is helplessly bound.

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Waterbondage jade Sinnamon Love is totally into bondage. She describes how bondage alone can sometimes make her orgasm. Sinnamon drifted in and out of subspace throughout this shoot. She was the first to try our smallest cage, and the first to try a punishment block we are working on - the design of which was sent to us by a loyal member from India - Mehandren.

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