Waterbondage Jade

Waterbondage Jade

We have shot Maya three ways to Sunday. So what makes this shoot different? One non-stop, continuous scene. Nothing planned, even Maya didn't know this was our intention. This is a real BDSM scene done in real time, only with some slight editing of camera movement. We might do this kind of format from time to time depending on member feedback. This is as real as is gets. Before you ask, the phone calls were real, and Ben Gay really gets hot when you put it on a clit. Waterbondage jade. The five bondage-loving friends are led out of the house one by one. Each girl placed in bondage, and told to await the return of their visitor. He expertly travels between them, pleasuring and teasing as he sees fit. He is in control and there is no escape.

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Waterbondage jade This update was inspired by the fabulous works of Georges Pichard, 'Marie Gabrielle' and 'Madoline'. Pierced Angel has more Piercings in her pussy than I have ever seen. This made for some interesting BDSM play. First she was tied with her toes to her labia such that she has to flex her thighs to maintain the position. Later she is tied upright with her clit to the dungeon floor, so that she must stand awkwardly. She is given a large orgasm and she squirts her pleasure for all to see. After several more endurance ties where her pussy is padlocked and chained to contort her, she is rewarded with a more comfortable tie and given another orgasm.

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