Waterbondage Movies

Waterbondage Movies

Lena is a very sexual woman. She is multi-orgasmic, and loves to cum. She cums hard, easy, and very loudly I might add. However, what happens to a girl when you tie her up and vibrate her to the edge of an orgasm but never let her quite get there? What do they start promising so that you will let them cum? How hard do they beg for it? The ultimate in orgasm denial, including long scenes of sexual frustration and begging; watch at your own risk. Waterbondage movies. Cowgirl is taken out to the countryside for some more outdoors bondage. First she is wrestled and bound to a convenient tree, then she is made to pull me around the garden several times on a cart. She also gets several suspensions.


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Waterbondage movies Jenni had always fantasized about being tied deep in the Jungle. Today, her fantasies would become real. Dragged deep into the jungle, she finds herself at the mercy of an evil and twisted guide. The guide takes Jenni to a hurricane damaged structure, and there her bondage begins. Jenni finds herself tied in many erotic positions. She must confront her fears of the jungle, including its big ugly bugs!

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