Waterbondage Password

Waterbondage Password

Click here for a sample clip from Cabo 1 that started it all. Waterbondage password. Audrey is an experienced Dominatrix. She has dominated men and women alike on our sister sites. There is nothing sexier than seeing a Dominatrix in tight bondage. No greater turn on than to hear her sounds of the delight caused by a flogger. No greater pleasure than to hear her grunt out a forced orgasm as you vibrate her pussy beyond her ability to keep control. This is the good life.

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Waterbondage password For the first half of the shoot we concentrated on corporal punishment. As the shoot progressed, it became clear that it was the bondage element of BDSM that Sierra most likes. She likes to prove herself by accepting and enduring very tight and contorting bondage that she knows very few people can handle. In the last hogtie position we did, she was tied so tightly that the bondage became a form of breath play for her. I felt afterwards that the shoot would have been more rewarding to both of us if we had concentrated more on contorting bondage positions. Four hours is sometimes not enough time to explore someones BDSM tastes.

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