Waterbondage Password

Waterbondage Password

Maklaryn couldn't seem to get enough of the BDSM play first time round, so wanted to come back. With such breasts and a natural desire to be tied up, we couldn't refuse. Waterbondage password. Five bondage-loving friends rent a huge villa in Mexico for a weekend of fun, sun, and partying. During dinner they are unaware of a fiendish villain who is watching them. The friends party a little too hard and sleep heavy and late. During the early morning the villain walks in the front door. One at a time our heroines are bound, gagged and grouped together for the start of a wondrous vacation.

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Waterbondage password Brooke is a little hottie, and a new face for Hogtied. She learns just how tough a Hogtied shoot is. She finds out what it is like to have her clit over stimulated to the point of almost hysteria. She finds out what real tight bondage is all about. We find out she loves it.

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