Waterbondage Passwords

Waterbondage Passwords

It started out a typical day at Hogtied. We started the interview and first scene and immediately something clicked in my brain. I decided to make this one of our famous “live events!” For those who don’t know, a “live event” is a shoot in which we do not stop the action and we keep “cuts” to an absolute minimum. It is a real time BDSM experience. Isis is the perfect candidate for this, as she is tough, beautiful, and sexy. Waterbondage passwords. Audrey is an experienced Dominatrix. She has dominated men and women alike on our sister sites. There is nothing sexier than seeing a Dominatrix in tight bondage. No greater turn on than to hear her sounds of the delight caused by a flogger. No greater pleasure than to hear her grunt out a forced orgasm as you vibrate her pussy beyond her ability to keep control. This is the good life.

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Waterbondage passwords met Crystal at Bond Con 2004. I was doing bondage demos though out the day. Crystal walked by and asked if I would tie her for a demo. The theme I chose for the convention this year was hogties, I tied every girl up in a hogtied, but each one different. Crystal’s tie was brutal; I pulled out the vibrator and forced her to cum in front of a hundred strangers, her screaming orgasm getting the attention of everyone that was there! I knew she would be perfect for us.

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