Waterbondage Passwords

Waterbondage Passwords

Kendra was stealing the company’s top secret elevator plans only to be caught red-handed by Torque! After some initial play, she escapes onto the roof. Torque tracks her down and ties her to the neighboring building’s window. Later she is tied to a beam and electric shock treatment teaches her the errors of her ways. Finally, Kendra gets a look at the elevator by being suspended in it. Waterbondage passwords. Welcome to the private lives of Sasha Monet, and Viking. We invited them both to our set, being long time friends we asked that they play for a while as we filmed. The chemistry between them as friends is evident. This 18-minute update is presented to you as extra weekend update, and is very different from our normal updates. This is what two friends who love bondage do when the doors are closed. Thanks Sasha and Viking for a sneak peek in.

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Waterbondage passwords This weekends BONUS update is a little different then our normal fare. It is well known we are starting a new Bondage website called www.bondagetrials.com. We have been searching for a rigger, Webmaster for this site. The following EXTRA BONUS weekend update is a video job interview if you will. We wanted to see their rope skills, and presence. We decided to use Hogtied as venue for the material. You can check out Sgt. Major's website www.bondagebarrix.com here. Have a nice weekend..

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