Waterbondage Passwords

Waterbondage Passwords

met Crystal at Bond Con 2004. I was doing bondage demos though out the day. Crystal walked by and asked if I would tie her for a demo. The theme I chose for the convention this year was hogties, I tied every girl up in a hogtied, but each one different. Crystal’s tie was brutal; I pulled out the vibrator and forced her to cum in front of a hundred strangers, her screaming orgasm getting the attention of everyone that was there! I knew she would be perfect for us. Waterbondage passwords. Jackie oozes sex. It radiates off her. She loves giving head, she loves cock, and she loves getting her assed smacked. So what does this update have? Good bondage, nice flogging, great orgasms, a machine that double penetrates her, and I fuck her ass good with 3 different dildos each bigger then the last all while she is helplessly bound.

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Waterbondage passwords Lynn Dumaire, a tough little thing and a new face. She is so tough; that if she makes a sound you know it hurts. She has a sincerity about her that transcends everything else. If there were a theme to this shoot it would be nipple torture. Great nipple torture, and force orgasms made it a good day.

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