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Waterbondage Promo

The long awaited and highly acclaimed series is back! CABO the return. Four roommates are looking for someone to fulfill their ultimate fantasy. The girls want to find someone to capture them all and put them into bondage in a controlled and consensual environment. They are wiling to pay top dollar for their fantasy to come true. After raising their money and filling out their limit sheets, they go to the “man” to see if he will take on the job. He agrees to the girls “role play fantasy” and will make it happen sometime within the next year. Waterbondage promo. Kendra was stealing the company’s top secret elevator plans only to be caught red-handed by Torque! After some initial play, she escapes onto the roof. Torque tracks her down and ties her to the neighboring building’s window. Later she is tied to a beam and electric shock treatment teaches her the errors of her ways. Finally, Kendra gets a look at the elevator by being suspended in it.

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Waterbondage promo Natural blond with big natural breasts Xana is all woman. Taken to an old barn in the hills, she suffers throughout the night for our pleasure, and hers. Great breast bondage, orgasms, and an anal fucking are in store for our heroine.

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