Waterbondage Promo

Waterbondage Promo

This BONUS weekend update is part 4 of a tutorial series that we have done for the membership. This forth addition is a rope tutorial while using a chair as a tool. Enjoy the EXTRA update! Waterbondage promo. At the end of Cabo part 3, Sgt. Major takes Jenya for training miles away from the villa and into hot Mexican heat., Jenya is in for the training of her life. The Sgt. Runs her though an obstacle course military style and ties her up hogtied style. In the end she is begging to return to the villa with a new and improved attitude

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Waterbondage promo If you missed Cabo one scroll down and watch it; it sets up the entire fantasy we have laid before you. Check out the forums for the inside scoop on this update.

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