Waterbondage Video

Waterbondage Video

Hogtied favorite Kat is back to try new toys and positions. She is the first to try the Electric Chair. Her ass is pleasantly shocked while the fucksall and magic wand slowly bring her to climax. She is also made to endure a steel tie while perched on a wooden horse, she gracefully accepts a leather hogtie suspension and to round things off, is given a final ass-shocking while tied in a squatting position on Mehandren's punishment block. Waterbondage video. What did we do to Sasha Sparks his time? We fucked her. We fucked her with one finger, two fingers, three fingers, four fingers, big dildos, even bigger dildos, and machines. She came and came, then came some more, She begged for it to stop, and in the end could barely walk off the set. Oh yea, and it was fun shaving off her pussy hair to boot. The smile on her face afterwards.....HUGE!

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Waterbondage video Natural blond with big natural breasts Xana is all woman. Taken to an old barn in the hills, she suffers throughout the night for our pleasure, and hers. Great breast bondage, orgasms, and an anal fucking are in store for our heroine.

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