Kendra was stealing the company’s top secret elevator plans only to be caught red-handed by Torque! After some initial play, she escapes onto the roof. Torque tracks her down and ties her to the neighboring building’s window. Later she is tied to a beam and electric shock treatment teaches her the errors of her ways. Finally, Kendra gets a look at the elevator by being suspended in it. Whippedass. The weekend goes on for our bondage-loving friends. Sasha sweats it out in the heat of the sauna, Sierra is bound high up above the living room. Madison is sexually teased so badly, that when she finally cums, she squirts her pleasure wide and far. Jenni is stuck to a tree, with a vibrator stuck to her, orgasms ensue. And Star is her back arched in a punishing tree tie.

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Whippedass I finally got DragonLily to Hogtied – one of the most exotic women I know. I also watched her beat up Jade Marx on Whippedass that morning. So, I got the idea that Jade might want a little revenge – I found her, bound her and gave her the opportunity to get back at DragonLily. Well, Jade is too nice! She doesn’t want to punish DragonLily. I finally figured out how to get Jade to hit DragonLily hard enough, but in the next scene DragonLily got a severe cramp in her leg during a tie and we had to cut the shoot short. We decided to include some BONUS behind the scenes material.

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