Isabella Soprano is beauty personified! Don’t you love it when beauty meets Hogtied? Isabella is as tough as she is pretty, a rare combination. Hogtied once again delivers a new face and a stunning attractive girl. She took the foot canning, and tickling like a champ. She wants to come back for another shoot, and I agree, do you? Whippedass. This update is dedicated to the comic genuis Benny Hill. (Benny Hill fans will see why.) Cowgirl is strapped to a human powered fucking machine. She must pedal to avoid being whipped. Meanwhile Rose gets fucked as Cowgirl pedals. After a powerful orgasm, Rose is released from the Fuckcycle and strapped to a rack. She is whipped, and given electro-torture in two long sessions. She describes one orgasm as 'going further than any normal orgasm'. Lastly Rose is given a rewarding comfortable suspension.


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Whippedass Audrey is an experienced Dominatrix. She has dominated men and women alike on our sister sites. There is nothing sexier than seeing a Dominatrix in tight bondage. No greater turn on than to hear her sounds of the delight caused by a flogger. No greater pleasure than to hear her grunt out a forced orgasm as you vibrate her pussy beyond her ability to keep control. This is the good life.

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